1. Adnan Oktar’s cult is a fascist organization.

2. Adnan Oktar’s cult exploits young and gullible spiritually, emotionally, personally, and financially.

3. Adnan Oktar’s cult isolates the children of wealthy people from their parents.

4. Adnan Oktar’s cult uses black-mail and bribery to frustrate those who were harmed by the cult.

5. Adnan Oktar’s cult promotes pseudoscience. For instance, it promotes false ideas about the theory of evolution.

6. Adnan Oktar’s cult promotes racism, more specifically, anti-Jewish ideas.

7. Adnan Oktar’s cult considers Adnan Oktar as the promised Mahdi (Muslim version of Messiah) and propagates silly stories fabricated in medieval times.

8. Adnan Oktar’s cult exploits the work of cult members and puts the brand name “Harun Yahya” on all the books and videos.

9. Adnan Oktar’s cult plagiarizes the work of others (including mine), and attributes them to Adnan Oktar under his pen name, Harun Yahya.

10. To appeal masses, Adnan Oktar’s cult fakes as Sunni, yet among themselves they follow the cult’s rules.

11. According to numerous reports, Adnan Oktar’s cult engages in group sex and promote anal sex with girls they consider “concubines”.

12. Adnan Oktar’s cult uses money, political connections, and backward Turkish legal system to censor the former cult members to expose the secrets of the cult.


74 Responses to “SEX CULT HARUN YAHYA”

  1. kehlleh Says:

    please add “sexually” to the first article. he’s one of the greatest and infamous imposters in history. he will always be remembered with utter disgust.

  2. Tessukur Says:

    You are making very serious allegations (especially in the sight of God) without any proof or reference. The burden of proof lies on the one making the accusation. Please bring forth some sort of proof.

    Otherwise the only plagiarism is yours. The only hoax is you.

  3. Rock Lee Rich Says:

    What is the motivation for this Slander? Where is the evidence? Please quote a single famous Islamic Scholar who would back your claims.

  4. Dimitri Says:


  5. Yosef Says:

    Before you condemn this man with such massive allegations, i tihnk its only fair that you provide references, victim testimonies and hard proof; otherwise your efforts will fall on deaf ears, or ears that are already bias toward Islam or this man.


  6. Dave Says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for slandering him. You have no proof. If you are a muslim as you claim to be, you would have not made these allegations against him. You’ve taking so much of your time and effort to slander his name. I have more respect for him than I do for you. At least I see his positive effort through his website and his books. I only see negativety coming from you. Please give it up, it only makes you look bad and find something positive to do with your life. I had respect for him before but now I have even more respect for him. His words are very positive and encouraging. Because of him many people turned towrds Islam and he has answered many peoples questions about Islam.

  7. ri5k Says:

    Totally agree with u Dave, this site is a conspiracy against him, no doubt abt that! The Truth is out there in the Quran and in his works!

  8. Dan L Says:

    In 2008 Oktar was convicted of a variety of crimes including engaging in criminal threats and creating an illegal organization for personal gain. On May 2008 Oktar and 17 other members of his organization were sentenced to three years in prison. Oktar intends to appeal these charges.

    Blocking Web Sites that portray him in a bad light is just amung the many things to prevent People in Turkey from reading it. Either way, believe what tho will. Because you you can’t question things in any religion without being shunned or cast out, then that religion isn’t for you!

  9. Dan L Says:



    please visit



    • Sam Memet Says:

      Looks like Jamshed is “bovvered”. But he can’t really declare that in his own words. He has to link to some rant written by his cult, in defence of their charlatan leader.




  14. Abd al Azrad Says:


    The only Satan here is Adnan Oktar. He is no messiah or even a holy man. Adnan Oktar is a despicable pervert. If he had supernatural aid why would he be in prison now?

  15. Yusuf Golicha Says:

    May Allah be pleased with Harun Yahya’s efforts.We dont need to know who exactly Harun Yahya is as long as he is doing a commendable job of refuting illogical and unscientific cult of evolution and zionism.Adnan Oktar is respectable and you are the only stupid fellow.

    • Morlock Says:

      You’re calling evolution illogical and unscientific? Now I know that you’re a whacked out cultist. Yusuf you’ve demonstrated that you are extremely stupid. But you aren’t the only stupid fellow. The rest of your cultist mates are also extremely thick.

    • Walter Bishop Says:

      If your god was pleased with Yahya’s works then why did he end up in prison, charged with blackmail and rape? How can anyone who is a blackmailer and rapist be respectable?

  16. khan Says:

    Adnan Octar is a blessing from Allah Subhana Tala.

    • Roberto Calnetti Says:

      Oktar is a blessing to the stupid. A demonstration of what it is to wallow in ignorance, and to turn your back on scientific evidence in favour of religious fantasy.

  17. Nasir al Yekoob Says:

    Yusuf Golicha said:
    “May Allah be pleased with Harun Yahya’s efforts.We dont need to know who exactly Harun Yahya is as long as he is doing a commendable job of refuting illogical and unscientific cult of evolution and zionism.Adnan Oktar is respectable and you are the only stupid fellow.”

    That is just it. Allah is displeased with Adnan Oktar, otherwise he wouldn’t be in prison right now. Oktar hasn’t done a commendable job of refuting anything, apart from the idea that a failed interior designer shouldn’t write about what he does not understand.
    Adnan Oktar is very much not a respectable fellow, Yusuf. The stupid folk are you and anyone gullible enough to be taken in by his second rate conspiracy mongering pseudoscientific twaddle!

  18. koshka Says:

    Harun yahya belives in Allah and hates satan:) i think it answers all the questions.

  19. koshka Says:

    iam a woman and iam a christian but i go out with one of harun yahyas students. i know his frinds ( they call them self brothers:) isnt it sweet?? They r such a good friends with each other for many many yeras. As more i know him the more i want to learn about islam. i find them very honest and wonderful people. They pray they r belivers. I wish all man was like them. iam happy that i know them now for long time and i learn only good things from them.

  20. Graham Wellons Says:

    Great blogpost, I bookmarked your site so I can visit again in the future, Cheers

  21. solomon Says:

    Adnan Oktar have sincerely sacrifice his time & life to bring out truth for the benefit of man yet some hypocrite try to tarnish his image,only on one agenda.To sway human from the right path.

    • Garry Scholey Says:

      You just don’t get it. Oktar is a con man that thinks he has demolished evolution, when he hasn’t any scientifc credentials. Furthermore Oktar has indulged in criminal acts, just like his fellow creationist Kent Hovind.
      creationists are adept at being liars. But their downfall is their lack of intelligence. They just can’t seem to think their bullshit through and see the bad outcome of their behaviour. So they end up shooting themselves in the foot.

  22. Nickolas Versteegh Says:

    I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

  23. sema Says:

    hey koshka theyr sucks, u said u r going out with them, but just want to say becareful pls, i already feel sorry about u . they ll use u, use u very badly, they care only about them self and there d… I know from my experience. i hate them. They r like bad drug. Pls stay away from them. U dont know anything yet…..:((((( ur eyes r stil closed but ones u open, can be late:(

  24. Abu AFak Says:

    Yusuf Golicha said:

    “May Allah be pleased with Harun Yahya’s efforts.We dont need to know who exactly Harun Yahya is as long as he is doing a commendable job of refuting illogical and unscientific cult of evolution and zionism.”

    Allah isn’t pleased with Oktar. Otherwise he’d not have had a prison sentence. Can you see beyond the cult blinkers that you’re wearing?

    “Adnan Oktar is respectable and you are the only stupid fellow.”

    Your statement, Yusuf, proves that you are very gullible. I hope that one day you come back to reality.

  25. islamiyetgercekleri Says:

    Abu Afak do you think that he is Mesiah?

    • Shadowjack Says:

      If Abu AFak wants to be a messiah I’d say he has been sniffing his armpits too much and gone a bit wappy! Only joking Abu.

  26. sema Says:

    Hello Garry Scholey. Iam absolutely agree with what u have said.

  27. sema Says:

    And agree with Simon Phipp

  28. Sema Says:

    Hi Seritta, i have just send u mail. u can reply me there.

  29. Sema Says:

    DR. SIRAJ .I dont think prophets and spiritual persons were making group sex + anal sex with young girls! what kind of holy person can be after that????????????? Makes me sick……………

  30. Sema Says:

    Hi every one. Sorry for being aggressive:( Dont want to judge any one. Iam my self not a perfect person end of the day, with lots of mistakes. Only God can know the truth and honesty. He is the one who can judge or not to judge. Sorry Harun Yahya to say somethng behind ur back. Iam sure it hurts to read for u this kind of things. End of the day i don’t know u personally, and cant say anything bad about you.

    • Morlock Says:

      You can judge a con man by looking at the evidence against him. But Adnan oktar’s followers don’t like evidence in any form, scientific or otherwise.

  31. Abdullah Says:

    Harun Yahyah’s work on evolution is good, but he’s using tactics of mixing truth with falsehood.

    he is believes in wahdatul-wajud, and this is form of self worship and jinn worship.

    this is same as new-age, Buddhism, Hinduism, esoteric mysticism and devil-worship. he talks about the Mahdi as same those new age people who talk about Maitreya the savior of humanity witch is no more than the anti-christ Dajjal.

    harun yahyah is a Freemason using islam for his purpose.

    • Mahmood Shebil Says:

      Harun’s work on evolution is terrible, as he doesn’t know what real scientists have found out. Yahya attacks what he thinks is evolutionary science, but it is his own misconceptions he attacks.

  32. girl Says:

    They have to put back in jail this harun yahya and all his people around him with there belives . Iam serious they are SICK.

  33. Turksam Says:

    Hi people, i think that the persons who say all these terrible things about Adnan Oktar are more terrible than the “deeds” they say he did.
    I am a 31 year old teacher in Holland, I am NOT some kind of a cult guy, I have completed my masters education in psycology.
    (Not to brag, but just so you guys have an idea of who is typing.)
    The ideas that Adnan Oktar tells about the theory of evolution are the only ideas that can be proved by phossiles that have been found all over the world. I’m not talking about “The Atlas of Creation” ,but phossiles that have been recorded all over the world. All the phossiles that have been found all prove that there is no evolution. Bone structures of animals of more than a few hundred million years old, exactly the same as now. So if you say that people are dumb because they don’t believe in the evolution theory, then I suggest that you look closely to yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you do believe in that theory..
    You didn’t see those phossiles, you didn’t made that discovery, you never saw one piece of evidence that proves the evolution theory exists, but still you believe in the evolution theory just because your governments accepted it. Doesnt that make you dumb?
    Think about it, why would a government lock someone up just because he wrote a theory about creationism? Because it shows the ideology that the government tries to push up to people was fake all along.
    So screw those people who judge Adnan Oktar without even thinking for a second. Those people are the ones that don’t think for themselves. They let others think for them and they just go with the mass.
    Judging a man like that, you know that he has been screwed by the turkish government so they just could cover his stories up? Investigate people.. And learn for yourself…

    • Dark Monk Says:

      Turksam, you truly are ignorant of the science of biology. Not only is Adnan Oktar telling lies when it comes to the fossil evidence, he can’t even tell one species from another.
      Evolution has more than fossil evidence, but Oktar is so ignorant he doesn’t know what DNA is either; and hasn’t heard of professor Lenski’s experiments that show bacteria adapting, through the process of evolution.
      And Adnan Oktar wasn’t jailed for his “creationism”. He was jailed for blackmail and rape.
      I suggest that you try to get a degree in biology as that will put you in a much better place to judge evolution, and not just accept the ideas of a criminal creationist that knows nothing about real science.

  34. flower Says:

    Adnan Oktar is sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he says having anal sex is a normal thing , fck ths shit!!! yes its a normal thing when u r not religious , use ur brain Adnan Oktar. U using one hole or other its sex end of the day there is no diference. U fuck come in womans ass or body or face but u dont touch pussy, well what do u call it ???? Kids games or what??? U just use people around u , sick sick sick. There is nothing serios about u . And all people who belive that u r the God father LOL is stupid looser basters too!!!! What ever Adnan wrights about evolution abn bla bla bla thats diferent, but all his bulshit teaching is total stupizm.

  35. Open Mind Says:

    Flower _ do you have to speak such filth. You have a opinion, fine but dont use such filty language pls.

    • Dark Monk Says:

      Open Mind, flower tells the truth.It is not his opinion but the defence Adnan Oktar gave to the court at his trial.

  36. flower Says:

    iam angry :///

  37. Mrs.Hahahahahaha Says:

    Adnan Hoca is the best!

    his girls are jewels of islam!
    become moslem:)then u get tons of this girls!

    we promise u

  38. flower Says:

    Thanks Dark Monk!

  39. Omar Bayrouteeh Says:

    Harun yahya is a zionist and a con artist. So what do you mean racist anti jewish ideas? This man is a huge supporter of the satanic jews and zionism. He calls israel the friend of turkey and says he loves them. If he had been anti jewish that would have been a good thing rather than a negative thing. This pervert is a disgusting zionist. Harun yahya has been exposed.

  40. Edward Says:

    Adnan Oktar knows as much about the inner workings of the Hadron Collider as he does about Freemasonry and Evoloution

    He is a bigot and a bully with an army of willing followers who will do anyting for their cult leader

  41. Jhonny Indo Says:

    It’s great to see many people has realised who Adnan Oktar is. Islam is about truth and falsehood and definitely there is something fishy on him. Who is he trying to represent Islam in front of zionist who has massacred our brother and sister!!

  42. Anees Ahmed Khan Says:

    He is a nice fellow but his attitude towards women is not as per teachings of Islam. See half naked chests of A9 TV anchors etc. In any case such dress for women is not permitted in Islam. He has to correct himself in this regard by referring Quran & Hadees.

  43. John Carter Says:

    Notorious Muslim televangelist Adnan Oktar, known for leading a cultish group, was arrested by Turkish police in Istanbul on Friday over a number of serious charges, including forming a criminal organisation, sexual abuse of children and sexual assault.

    Police said they are conducting a widescale operation led by the financial services department spanning five Turkish provinces. Authorities are looking to detain 235 of Oktar’s followers, and police said they had detained around 150 so far.

    Read more:

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