Cumhuriyet Newpaper…. June 25 1999
ANKARA (Cumhuriyet bureau) – The provocative and incendiary publications of advocates of Islamic law, who had gone on the attack due to the creation theory and Darwin’s theory of evolution becoming part of the curriculum in biology courses during the administration of previous National Education Minister Hikmet Ulugbay, were adjudged to be outside of “science and ethics” by the court. The 3rd Civil Court of Ankara ruled that the Science Research Foundation (BAV) , which had accused scientists defending the theory of evolution of being “communists, separatists and Maoists,” was held liable for $11,500 in damages The Islamists and the Science Research Foundation, who described the evolution theory which had been added to the biology curriculum as separatist, were found guilty by the 3rd Civil Court of Ankara. The scientists, who had taken action against religious groups who printed thousands of the book “The Scientific Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and The Evolution Deceit” and distributed to students at schools free of charge, had made statements concerning the truths of the theory of evolution. Prof. Aykut Kence, Prof. Yaman Ors, Prof. Fatma Isik Bokesoy , Prof. Dincer Gulen, Dr. Mustafa Serhat Ozyar and Dr. Umit Sayin laid charges at the the 3rd Civil Court of Ankara, showing as cause that the Science Research Foundation had published announcements portraying them as targets due to their statements concerning theories of evolution. In the court case, it was emphasized how the foundation accused them of communism and separatism by publishing statements such as “The collapse of Darwinism, which is the basis of separatist anarchist currents in the East [referring to Marxism-inspired Kurdish separatists] in Eastern Turkey, led to panic among Maoists.The Science Research Foundation claimed that there were no logos, signatures or signs showing that the flyers in question were printed by them.? The decision of the court drew attention to the appearance of the foundation’s logo, name, and address in the documents submitted by the plaintiffs, deciding that a severe and unjust attack was perpetrated on the plaintiffs’ personal rights, by listing the names of the scientists defending the theory of evolution and describing them as communists and separatists on the flyers distributed by the foundation.” The court passed a sentence of $11,500 ( * ) in damages.(*) This amount was? exaggurated in the newspaper, probably the interests since October 1998 is also included. However the Supreme Court of Appeal not only approved this charge but also increased the total amount nearly to $ 18 000.



  1. Tariq Says:

    I am an Arab Muslim scientist who believes that evolution as a means and process of creation is a very Qur’anic concept that was only recently explored. The anti Darwinian sentiment has no Islamic bases because the concept of creation was never black and white in the Qur’an. I have recently read a book called: Shajara Code Deoced which explored this issue thoroughly..the above link is where you may view the book. Those who attack Darwin or his theory are only representing personal views, not Islamic.

  2. Tariq Says:

  3. Abu AFak Says:

    “The Scientific Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and The Evolution Deceit”

    The only “evolution deceit” is the one being perpetrated by Harun Yahya and his fundamentalist worshippers.
    Have a look at his “evidence”

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