Harun Yahya & Quran Leads the Way to Science

I’ve been reading Adnan Oktar’s (Harun Yahya’s real name) stuff for years. Among the most ironic of his generally incompetent works is the book, The Qur’an Leads the Way to Science. One would imagine from the title that the book would be about how the Qur’an actually lead somebody to science, or to a scientific discovery, or to something having to do with science.

Instead, it consists mostly of lists of “scientists of faith.” But there is an interesting problem with his lists.

They contain almost no Muslims.

They are composed almost entirely of Christians and Jews, people who doubtlessly did not find the Qur’an useful, since they all reject it as false.

Below for example is the entire list of “Scientists of faith from the past” from the second part of this book. (List #1). There are 100 scientists on the list.

And not a single one of them is a Muslim.

In the third part of his book, Oktar makes a tiny bit of progress. This is the list of “Modern scientists of faith” and it is more than half again longer than his previous list; fully 155 named scientists. (List #2). And whereas the last list had NO Muslims at all in it, this one does a little better.

There is one.

Yes that’s right. Out of 255 “scientists of faith” that Oktar was able to come up with, ONLY A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS MUSLIM.

And the progress made here is balanced by the fact that in this second list, at least 18 of them are members of the most fundamentalist Christian movements in America, and openly consider Muhammad and the Qur’an to be tools of shaytan.

So it is difficult to figure out how the Qur’an could possibly have led them to science.

Roger Bacon (1220-1292)
Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)
Johannes Baptista von Helmont (1579-1644)
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
John Ray (1627-1705)
Robert Boyle (1627-1691)
Antonie von Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723)
Isaac Newton (1642-1727)
John Flamsteed (1646-1719)
John Woodward (1665-1728)
Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778)
Jean Deluc (1727-1817)
Sir William Herschel (1738-1822)
William Paley (1743-1805)
George Cuvier (1769-1832)
Humphrey Davy (1778-1829)
Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873)
Michael Faraday (1791-1867)
Samuel Morse (1791-1872)
Joseph Henry (1797-1878)
Louis Agassiz (1807-1873)
James Prescott Joule (1818-1889)
George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903)
Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902)
Gregory Mendel (1822-1884)
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) (1824-1907)
J. J. Thomson (1856-1940)
Sir William Huggins (1824-1910)
Joseph Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)
John Strutt (1842-1919)
George Washington Carver (1865-1943)
Sir James Jeans (1877-1946)
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966)
Sir Alister Hardy (1896-1985)
Wernher von Braun (1912-1977)
Max Planck (1858-1947)
Charles Coulson (1910-1974)
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Georgias Agricola (1494-1555)
John Wilkins (1614-1672)
Walter Charleton (1619-1707)
Isaac Barrow (1630-1677)
Nicolas Steno (1631-1686)
Thomas Burnet (1635-1715)
Increase Mather (1639-1723)
Nehemiah Grew (1641-1712)
William Whiston (1667-1752)
John Hutchinson (1674-1737)
Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)
Richard Kirwan (1733-1812)
Timothy Dwight (1752-1817)
James Parkinson (1755-1824)
William Kirby (1759-1850)
Benjamin Barton (1766-1815)
John Dalton (1766-1844)
Charles Bell (1774-1842)
John Kidd (1775-1851)
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855)
Benjamin Silliman (1779-1864)
Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869)
William Buckland (1784-1856)
William Prout (1785-1850)
Edward Hitchcock (1793-1864)
William Whewell (1794-1866)
Richard Owen (1804-1892)
Matthew Maury (1806-1873)
Henry Rogers (1808-1866)
James Glaisher (1809-1903)
Philip H. Gosse (1810-1888)
Sir Henry Rawlinson (1810-1895)
John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945)
Sir Joseph Henry Gilbert (1817-1901)
Thomas Anderson (1819-1874)
Charles P. Smyth (1819-1900)
John W. Dawson (1820-1899)
Henri Fabre (1823-1915)
Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866)
Joseph Lister (1827-1912)
John Bell Pettigrew (1834-1908)
Balfour Stewart (1828-1887)
P.G. Tait (1831-1901)
Edward William Morley (1838-1923)
Sir William Abney (1843-1920)
Alexander MacAlister (1844-1919)
A.H. Sayce (1845-1933)
James Dana (1813-1895)
George Romanes (1848-1894)
William Mitchell Ramsay (1851-1939)
William Ramsay (1852-1916)
Howard A. Kelly (1858-1943)
Douglas Dewar (1875-1957)
Paul Lemoine (1878-1940)
Charles Stine (1882-1954)
A. Rendle-Short (1885-1955)
L. Merson Davies (1890-1960)
Sir Cecil P.G. Wakeley (1892-1979)
 LIST #2:
Dr. Henry Fritz Schaefer
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Malcolm Duncan Winter, Jr.
William Phillips
Prof. Dale Swartzendruber
William Dembski
Prof. Stephen Meyer
Prof. Walter L. Bradley
Earl Chester Rex
Dr. Allan Sandage
Prof. Cecil Boyce Hamann
Paul Ernest Adolph
Lester John Zimmerman
Enrico Medi
Wayne U. Ault
Prof. Michael P. Girouard
Prof. Edward Boudreaux
Prof. Kenneth Cumming
Prof. Carl Fliermans
Prof. David Menton
Prof. John Morris
Arthur Peacocke
Albert McCombs Winchester
Mehdi Golshani <<<<<<<———–THE LONE MUSLIM
Prof. Edwin Fast
Charles H. Townes
John Polkinghorne
Hugh Ross
Prof. Dr. Duane Gish
Dr. Pierre Gunnar Jerlstrom
Dr. Stephen Grocott
Dmitry Kouznetsov
Dr. Emil Silvestru
Dr. Andre Eggen
Dr. Ian Macreadie
Prof. Andrew Conway Ivy
Dr. Raymond Jones
Jules H. Poirier
Michael J. Behe
Philip Johnson
Charles Birch
S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Prof. Owen Gingerich
Prof. Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker
Prof. David Berlinski
Prof. William Lane Craig
Dr. Kurt Wise
Siegfrid Hartwig Scherer
J.P. Moreland
Paul A. Nelson
Prof. Jonathan Wells
Dr. Don Batten
Dr. John Baumgardner
Prof. Dr. Donald Chittick
Dr. Werner Gitt
Dr. Gary E. Parker
Dr. Margaret Helder
Prof. Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati
Prof. Robert Matthews
Dr. Claude Tresmontant
Dr. Don Page
Dr. Andrew Snelling
Dr. Carl Wieland
John K.G. Kramer
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Dr. Kimberly Berrine
Jay L. Wile
Prof. Vladimir Betina
Dr. Andrew Bosanquet
Dr. David R. Boylan
Dr. Clifford Burdick
Robert Kaita
Alexander V. Lalomov
Prof. Dr. Steve Austin
Prof. Robert Newman
Prof. Siegfried Scherer
Dr. Russell Humphreys
Dr. Geoff Downes
Dr. Larry Butler
Prof. Linn E. Carothers,
Prof. Sung-Do Cha
David Dewitt
Prof. Dr. Eugene F. Chaffin
Dr. Choong-Kuk Chang
Prof. Chung-Il Cho
Dr. Harold Coffin
Dr. Jack W. Cuozzo
Dr. Malcolm Cutchins
Dr. Lionel Dahmer
Dr. Raymond V. Damadian
Dr. Chris Darnbrough
Dr. S. E. Aw
Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Paul Ackerman
Dr. Douglas Dean
Dr. Don DeYoung
Prof. Danny Faulkner
Prof. Dennis L. Englin
Prof. Robert H. Franks
Dr. Donald Hamann
Dr. Barry Harker
Dr. Charles W. Harrison
Dr. Harold R. Henry
Dr. Joseph Henson
Robert A. Herrmann
Dr. Russell Humphreys
Dr. Jonathan W. Jones
Dr. Valery Karpounin
Dr. Dean Kenyon
Dr. John W. Klotz
Dr. Vladimir F. Kondalenko
Dr. Leonid Korochkin
Prof. Jin-Hyouk Kwon
Prof. Myung-Sang Kwon
Prof. John Lennox
Dr. John Leslie
Prof. Lane P. Lester
Prof. George D. Lindsey
Dr. Alan Love
Prof. Marvin L. Lubenow
Dr. Andrew McIntosh
Dr. John Mann
Dr. Frank Marsh
Dr. Ralph Matthews
Dr. John Meyer
Dr. Henry M. Morris
Dr. Len Morris
Dr. Graeme Mortimer
Prof. Hee-Choon No
Dr. David Oderberg
Prof. John Oller
Prof. Chris D. Osborne
Dr. John Osgood
Dr. Charles Pallaghy
Prof. J. Rendle-Short
Dr. Jung-Goo Roe
Dr. David Rosevear
Dr. Young-Gi Shim
Dr. Mikhail Shulgin
Dr. Roger Simpson
Dr. Harold Slusher
Prof. Man-Suk Song
Prof. James Stark
Prof. Brian Stone
Dr. Lyudmila Tonkonog
Dr. Larry Vardiman
Dr. Joachim Vetter
Dr. Noel Weeks
Dr. A. J. Monty White
Prof. A. E. Wilder-Smith
Dr. Clifford Wilson
Prof. Verna Wright
Prof. Seoung-Hoon Yang
Dr. Ick-Dong Yoo
Dr. Sung-Hee Yoon


30 Responses to “Harun Yahya & Quran Leads the Way to Science”

  1. mporterswaid Says:

    Yeah…and so what?

    Acquire wisdom and truth from whomever you can because even an apostate can have them but unless they are passed over to a faithful Muslim and become part of wisdom and truth that he possesses, they have a confused existence in the minds of apostates. – Ali abi Abu Taleb, May Allah be pleased with the Commander of the Faithful.

    • Sukey Says:

      Haha voordat ik begon dacht ik dat ik niet zo veel foto’s had. Daarom stelde ik het al weken uit, omdat ik dacht dat ik maar 10 foto’s gemaakt had in de tussentijd. :P& yes yes, woensdag denk ik. Volgens mij verwacht iedereen iets helemaal geweldigs nu en zijn jullie allemaal teelrugesteld, omdat je zoiets helemaal niet met woorden en foto’s kan overbrengen haha. 😛

    • http://goanalyze.info/khanapakana.com Says:

      Caro Messias, Eu também vou votar no Mario Oliveira no primeiro turno. No segundo, provavelmente vou de voto nulo. Mas é possível que na última hora eu tampe o nariz e vote no Serra. Argh… Quanto à dubiedade de Mario Oliveira em relação ao aborto, há alguns meses mandei uma mensagem a ele, pedindo que se posicionasse claramente contra o assassinato de inocentes, e, na última entrevista que vi, ao ser indagado sobre a questão, ele disse de forma curta e grossa: “sou contra o aborto”. Já é um progresso. Um abraço. Carlos.

  2. Amir Says:

    I think he was aiming his article at Christian audiences, so he lists Christian scientists…

    • Sam Memet Says:

      No, Amir . Whoever writes Oktar’s books is a plagiarist. They take christian creationist publications and copy their contents. There isn’t much in the way of research or original thought in Oktar’s cult.

  3. amir Says:

    Faith has nothing to do with printing facts about the evolution scam…

    • Abu AFak Says:

      Evolution has nothing to do with faith. It relies on evidence. Something that credophiles lack.

  4. Sunil Says:

    your objections, critics & so called mistakes and Tactics and Pseudoscience of Islamic Creationists or Harun Yahya, shows your helplessness.

  5. Kavin Says:

    I think we should stay away from Christian. We all Muslim should join SearchingMuslim.com , as it’s a pure Muslim online community where Christian is forbidden .

  6. Nesrin Says:

    He use all Christian resourses to defand Islam.. Wake up and see the fact… His works and books translation of American Evangelist Churches.. He is a clown in American politics.. Usa uses him to broadcast his ideas.. Islamic world has got energy as oil and gas..

    Who are away the science they can not use their own natural resources. Okay Muslim world sleep with Harun Yahya’s myths.. When you sleep western countries will take control.. When you waked up you ll see that you have nothing…

    • Sam Memet Says:

      If the Muslim world wants to go to bed with ignorance and lies, then Adnan Oktar is the perfect bedmate.
      Better that the Muslim world wakes up and talks to reason and reality!

  7. Truthseeker Says:


    We’re so blessed that there are courageous people who exposes the deceitful nature of darwinian evolution and shared most of his works free of charge to the world. I have just recently known the facts more deeply about evolution and creationism. Evolution is truly misleading to humanity and surely it will only end up to disgrace. If you dont believe in the existence of a supreme being, try harder for you to have a name in this world so that your existence will not bcoz this is the only life you have as what atheists assumption is. And for us who are faithful to God, just live life with contentment, peace, love and joy. Don’t be bothered to know things which will take place millions of years like evolution. We only have a maximum of 100 years in this world and not even thinking of what will happen to us the next hour:)

    As beholding the good virtues of God, we shall have compassion to everybody to show that our belief and faith is genuine. Let us not try to ruin or blot the purity of our religion (may it be islam, christian or jewish) as being selfish and boastful. One day we’ll open our eyes on the truth when the messiah will come again. Continue to live life humbly and compassionate with consideration to others as long as they are growing and living peacefully with their own belief.

    Thanks and hope we can learn from each other as being God’s son.


    • Aina Aravaindakshan Says:

      Mel, the only deceitful nature here is Adnan Oktar’s. Just because Oktar’s organisation shares its crappy propaganda for free doesn’t mean that it isn’t all the work of plagiarists and liars. The purported works of Adnan Oktar are the misleading rubbish that is disgraceful and you need to take your head from out of your rectum, stop being a gullible air head, and wake up to the fact that you have been deceived by a con man.

      “Don’t be bothered to know things which will take place millions of years like evolution. We only have a maximum of 100 years in this world and not even thinking of what will happen to us the next hour:)”

      Your quote above is utter stupidity. You sound like you’re on drugs. And you’re advocating an end to scientific endeavour in favour of a kind of vacuous religious mental oblivion. You are blinding yourself to reality.

  8. Salafi Scientist Says:

    Abdus Salam, a Pakistani, pseudoIslamic Qadiyani, won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970s. Go Figure!

    @ Sunil: What do you mean by pseudoscience? The gravitational field does not need any explanation for why it exists. Only we, as ignorant humans, need to explain the natural laws. As such, God, the Most Knowledgeable, does not need to give a data list in the Quran to backup his claims. So stop spreading filth under the disguise of pseudoscience. I am sure that, as a Muslim, I have more solid scientific knowledge than you and God willing, I am on my way to win a Nobel Prize.

  9. ADMİN Says:

    Salafi you have only one Muslim Scientist.. Oh you poor guy.. Dont you see above list and you masturbate only one image.. Dont scare be like Harun Yahya use Christians images to get more satistactions…

    • asyrop qomarudin Says:

      it’s burn, ouch. You’re right, we muslims need to wake up. I hope in every science events we muslims will have any contributions here and there. So please don’t be sceptic about us muslims, and feel free to help us ^_^ . (it’s good if people searching the world with no hatred/scepticism/whatever negative in their mind)

  10. solomon Says:

    Dear Admin,
    The other non-muslim(as you think) scientists are actually the one who have faith in the Book(Qoran) and Allah almighty but they didnt show it for they are circled by infidel societies.

    • Hakim Says:

      Solomon you’re saying that these non muslim scientists have faith in a faith they don’t have? Thats the kind of daft logic your cultist belief system embraces and shows that reality is a place that you’ve never been.

  11. solomon Says:

    Why they didnt show it, because the infidel societies will condemned and sabotage their works or researches.

    • Garry Scholey Says:

      Solomon what a fool you are. Is “infidel” society sabotaging the work of muslim scientists now? Where is your evidence.

  12. hayder osman Says:

    aswr salam ineed scienes and halak umam bonboy

  13. Nobody Says:

    Why bother commenting?

    These endless, tiresome blogs eventually come down. Is anyone really that interested? You’re commenting isn’t going to change anything at all.

    Those who appreciate Harun Yahya’s work and are Muslim, simply continue to read his works and ask Allah to protect him from those who are out to hurt him.

    These people will keep climbing out of the woodwork again and again. A vendetta perhaps!

    • Somebody Says:

      Why bother commenting? Because Harun Yahya knows nothing about biology, science or evolution, but pretends that he does. That makes him a liar. And all because science is undermining the myths that he believes in.
      So Nobody, when are you going to realise how far from reality your cult figurehead, Oktar is from reality? When are you going to realise that the vendetta against science by your fellow morons has ended with science and evolution winning?
      When are you going to read some proper science textbooks and learn some real biology? Or are you content to spend your life living in ignorance?

  14. cosmetics Says:

    Simply to let you know your blog post appears seriously weird in Mozilla on a linux.

  15. butch Says:

    there are real ignorant zealots on this blog, both muslim and evolutionist. first of all evolution has no facts to support it. NONE. there are plenty of assumptions and conjecture, wishful thinking and flat out lies but no evidence. religion has no problem w/ science, just evolution being taught as science. evolution would have u believe that a reptile could lay an egg w/ a mammal inside; cold blooded dinos magically transformed into warm blooded birds(even tho their lungs and hips are completely different); the belief that chemicals in a pre-biotic soup self-assembled into the complexity of a single cell has never been proven by the scientific method, it is accepted by faith; there are many reasons to doubt evolution.

    islam is a huge lie also. muhammed freely admits in the koran that he was a pedophile, lusting after children; a murdering raider; he had men assassinated for imagined insults; he was a hypocrite who repeatedly had the angel gabriel bring him ‘verses” to justify his lies or quell a rebellion; he contradicted himself repeatedly, he was in favor of multiple wives except when his daughter complained that her husband wanted a 2nd wife. then gabriel came down with a verse to forbid this. or when muhammed wanted another man’s wife, gabriel gave him a verse for this too. the koran is ridiculous lying jokebook. it preaches hate, violence and lies. “behead the infidels wherever they may hide”. isnt that stupid? murder people who are different than you? that is not a religion of forgiveness. it is butchery. muslims you have been lied to. allah is a pagan moon goddess, islam still uses the crescent moon as a symbol. “stoning the devil” is a form of idolatry. the pilgrimage is from the earlier pagan religion but muhammed incorporated that too into his sham of a religion. muhammed claimed to be possessed by demons at one point in the koran. how could that be possible if he was a prophet? he also never made a single prophecy. google the book, “Christ, Muhammed and I by Mohammad Al Ghazoli. he is a former muslim that has opened his eyes.

    • Morlock Says:

      Butch, if you’d bothered to take your head out of your ass and actually do some research you’d find that evolution does have a huge amount of factual evidence in favour of that theory.
      You might like to start with The Greatest Show on Eartth by Richard Dawkins, and then go to Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. or you could just keep blarting out untruths that make you look like an idiot.

    • Sam Memet Says:

      Your ignorance is astounding butchy boy. You show the same lack of knowledge that most creationists do. Take Morlock’s advice.

  16. cheese Says:

    to all,
    go home and buy one quran then read it with your heart… hopefully, may Allah the almighty lead us to the light…
    nobody, but Allah’s Servant…

    to the christian brothers,
    do you really follow jesus way of life… who teach you the way of marriage? raise up children… palestine, iraq, afghan, somalia, south thailand.. is that the way of jesus?

    to the evolutionist…
    i believe that your great great great grand father are apes

    thak you allah knows the most…

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