Harun Yahya Tries to hide his Past

Regarding the case of so called Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar), he has been tried from several cases and got prosecuted from those. However, he has a report from the state mental hospital saying that he has severe mental disorder. He recruits young and rich boys, arranges beautiful models for them (Whom he called motors) and made them have sex while shooting them on secret camera. He has been charged with all these and got prosecuted as well.

Now he has been working on a new project which is similar to Scientology. He has been delivering free books about a new theory of evolution and he is gaining foothold in Central Europe, mainly France and Germany. He has a good financial power.

Concerning the issue with WordPress, he is using the holes in the Turkish Internet law. This is not the first time he has done this. He made the same move against the web site Eksi Sozluk (An open dictionary) which is the stronghold of democracy on Internet for the Turkish community. With more than 2 million visitors per day and over 3000 entries, it is a mechanism that every wicked guy like Adnan Oktar is afraid of. However, that issue started up huge protests online and printed mediawise and the website was accessible again in short time.

Adnan Oktar is trying to build a new image now and he is trying to restrict access to all documents, news and web sites relating to his past. Of course these holes in the legal system will not be there forever and the truths about him will always be there.

 Comment from Edip Yuksel

I am Edip Yuksel, who is mentioned by Adnan Oktar and his followers.

First, I would like to command you for your standing for our right to be free of government censorships. Adnan Oktar who uses the name Harun Yahya and puts it on the books written (mostly plagiarized) by his followers, is not a private citizen. He is a public figure, and a terrible one, and should be the subject of a less legal protection from public criticism.

Adnan Oktar is a cult leader who have enslaved many children of rich and elite. His sexual and mental abuse of his subjects is a well known fact to Turkish people. His confession in police alone, which is corroborated by his former followers to details, is sufficient to put him behind bars. But so far, money, connections, blackmail and all the tricks available to his wellconnected and super rich followers have kept him out of trouble. But his days are numbered and now there is a major case against him in Turkish courts for black mail and illegal activities.

He has censored hundreds, yes hundreds of websites exposing his abusive dealings in his cult. By using backward laws in Turkish legal system, he was able to ban my site. Though I hired an attorney in Turkey from Arizona, and though I transferred the article from http://www.19.org (which was very popular among progressive minded muslims in Turkey) to another site, and though my attorney removed the court’s order for ban, yes despite all of those, his cult was able to use their informants and connections in Turkish Telecom to keep my site blocked for Turkish population.

I am a Turkish author and escaped to the United State for my freedom of expression. Unfortunately, during my last visit I had to appear at the Turkish court because Adnan and his followers sued me for frivolous claims. They tried their best to make me get arrested. They even used their trolls at airport police station to stop me from coming back my home in the USA. After I left Turkey, they submitted to Turkish prosecutors some of my article critical of repressive laws, Turkish military’s meddling with politics, and racist policies against Kurds. I recently learned that, upon this audacious cult’s campaign against me, there are now several charges against me in Turkish courts, and I am sought by police.

Below is the article that has made the paranoid cult leader so furious, leading him to put me on the top of his long list “enemies.” (The article is now posted at the following site and is blocked to Turkish population: http://www.yahyaharun.com ).

Harun Yahya or Adnan Oktar: The Promised Mahdi?
by Edip Yuksel

The following article is mostly a personal criticism of a public figure. However, I am not committing the logical fallacy known as ad hominem, since the attack is relevant to the argument and is justified. After reading the article, you will decide it for yourself.

Adan Oktar, who later started using the nickname Harun Yahya, was my apprentice in mid 1980’s. In our first meeting, I was a famous Sunni author and political activist, and he was an unknown Sunni zealot influenced by the books of the Kurdish Mullah, Said Nursi. At that time, my books were making editions after editions and I had hundreds of thousands readers, yet I had no special group of mine. He was not famous then, but he had a few dozen followers among university students. He was in his late twenties, a college drop-out, unemployed, and was living with his mother in an apartment located in a middle class neighborhood at Ortakoy, Istanbul. He had a long black beard, soft voice, smiling face, childish jokes, and most importantly a well calculated plan for his assumed mission.

Adnan was mixing mysticism with scientific rhetoric and presenting it gently and in a modern fashion to the children of the privileged class, without intimidating them. He was a refined and urbanized version of Said Nursi. Ironically, unlike beardless Said, he was fond of his well-groomed stylish beard. (Religious clerics, on the other hand, managed to grow ugly-looking beards by cutting their mustache short and shaving their hair, resembling Franciscan monks). This proved to be a magic solution. He would always keep a certain distance between himself and his followers and would treat them as if they were his children, though he was only seven or ten years older than them. He would pat the heads of his young pupils and encourage them to work for the mission and they would accept this charming and patronizing treatment with delight. He was targeting the university students and especially the handsome children of the rich and affluent. They would pull each other to the circle.

Meanwhile, when I was doing my mandatory military service in Samsun in 1986, I started communicating with Rashad Khalifa. After several rounds of hot snail-mail discussions and upon reading his landmark book, Quran, Hadith, and Islam, I decided to dedicate my religion to God alone. I shared my newly discovered faith with my close friends, including Adnan Oktar. He was very receptive. He would frequently ask me questions and convey the information to his followers. He was trying his best to keep our meetings secret from his followers. Then I did not know the reason, and I did not care much. I thought he was considering my style too bold and my culture too rural. He was right: when discussing political or religious issues, I did not care much about people’s cloths, wealth, or their personal feelings. But in retrospect I know the real reason behind this secrecy: he was thinking that my presence would jeopardize his charisma and dilute his influence over them. He wanted his followers to think that he was receiving a special information or inspiration from God. He did not know Arabic but he was clever enough to dupe the unquestioning gullible followers and give them the impression that he knew a lot. He was considering me as a potential rival in his mission.

To my dismay, later I discovered that his interest in the message was not prompted by his philosophical quest for truth but by his pragmatic strategy for his political ambitions. He thought that he could use it easily to attract the children of the rich people who had modern life style and culture that was incompatible with the medieval Arab culture which was promoted by the teachings of Hadith and Sunna. He was extremely obsessed with recruiting the handsome children of the rich people wearing expensive cloths. He was not interested in guiding poor people.

After discovering his intention and his deep belief that he was the promised MAHDI, I cut my relationship with him in 1988. Soon after this, he turned back to his Sunni roots and market. To expose his real face, I had secretly recorded one of my last conversations with him, but later I gave up releasing it. I just did not feel comfortable with the secrecy of my act. I had given the tape to Mustafa and Yelda Sahin, two of his former followers. However, after I was forced to immigrate and start a new life in America, I learned that the tape was handed to Girisim, an Islamist magazine directed by Mehmet Metiner. The magazine published the transcript to warn Sunni Muslims against Adnan’s Machiavellian politics. In the taped conversation I was reprimanding him for cooperating with Sheikh Nazim of Cyprus who had influence among some wealthy British Muslims. He was apologetic and was justifying his relationship for purposes of using Nazim’s influence. I warned him against for such tactics, since I always believed that honesty is a necessary characteristic of being a Muslim. The transcript of this conversation is available on the Internet and was also posted in Turkish forum of http://www.19.org or at http://www.kurannesli.org/bilgibankasi/yazi.asp?id=441 A funny portion of the conversation reveals the childish tactics used by Adnan Oktar to recruit members for his cult. In that portion I was criticizing him for preferring the wealthy. (The transcript refers to Adnan Octar with acronym A.H. for Adnan Hoca, pronounced Hodja, meaning religious teacher):

A.H.- For instance we purchase a shirt, paying five times more. When the guys see the shirt they come after us.

E.Y.- Alright, I understand; but a person coming because of a shirt will escape because of another shirt.

A.H.- No, they cannot escape; they cannot escape!

Unveiling Adnan’s secret relationship with me and his hypocrisy in his relation with Sunni leaders, in a normal world would mean that he would too be the target of a major attack, threats and excommunication. Surprisingly, despite this scandal, he continued to become a rising star in Sunni market. He was once secretly teaching his followers that Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was the prophesized DAJJAL (deceptor) and later he embraced him for political reasons and declared him a great hero. He is now playing a double game: to appease the Turkish oligarchy he is exploiting Ataturk-worship, and to exploit the Muslim market he is indirectly giving the message that Ataturk was a disbeliever. He played the game of double-speak pretty successfully so far. Adnan has danced among many contradictory positions, but the single conviction he has maintained since early 1980s is “Adnan Oktar is the promised MAHDI.”

When I was trying to convince him about the message of the Quran Alone he did not insist nor even defended any traditional Sunni precepts, with the exception of hadiths about Mahdi. It amazed me for a short while to see him trying to strike a compromise with me regarding this issue. He wanted me to accept his conversion to the Quran Alone together with his belief about the promised Mahdi. I tried to tell him that the Hadiths about Mahdi were among the most fabricated and unreliable Hadiths, even according to the lousy standards of Hadith experts; they were fabricated by the supporters of Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties to promote the interest of the sultans. To him MAHDI (that is his leadership) was the most important subject. His take on Masons and Zionists is just a strategy to get him an international fame and popularity to finally announce his mission to the world. His cult resembles the modus operandi of Moon or Scientology cult: targeting affluent people and exploiting their resources.

We met each other in prison too. In December 3, 1986 I was imprisoned second time for promoting a theocratic revolution in Turkey via the first volume of my best-selling book, Interesting Questions. Though I had written that book before my conversion from Sunni Islam to monotheistic islam, the book was not reflecting my hard core revolutionary ideology; it contained some mild hints and innuendos. But, this was sufficient for the government to imprison me since (unaware of my radical transformation) they were trying to deter me from engaging in open and underground political activities.

I met Adnan in the prison clinic. I was taken there by the doctor who happened to recognize me from my books and conferences; he wanted to save me from the crowded ward which was filled with convicted murderers and burglars. Adnan was there for a different reason, a much different one. He was acting like a paranoid schizophrenic in order to get medical report to dodge the draft. It was ironic, since he was indeed mentally sick; he was a delusional megalomaniac, yet he was cunningly acting for another mental illness. He was successful; he dodged the draft and since then he has been found lacking mental capability to be the subject of criminal law. So, he is getting away with sexual abuses, fraud, libel, blackmailing schemes, and other criminal activities. If Adnan has demonstrated a miracle as a Mahdi, this must be his miracle: he is officially insane and criminally teflon!

Though Adnan is a lay person by academic standards, he is a gifted manipulator, a patient and highly skilled team manager: he uses various highly efficient psychological devises and marketing gimmicks to depict his image as a divinely ordained leader with a great mission. It would be in the best interest of the naïve and young pupils to join his cause, since soon he will be ruling the entire world and they would be his lucky and powerful aids. Besides, the cult provides a holy club for the children of the rich and well connected; they also get second-hand girls as a fringe benefit. In turn they lose their freedom and part of their identity; but we know that millions of people are ready to trade those precious rights and values to join a cult or a religious organization. Though the dates for victory he has given have been extended several times, who would not be the secretary or the spoke person of the long-awaited great ruler of the entire world? If it is not in 1999, then the victory would come in 2005, or in 2014…. The Jehovah Witnesses have extended the end of the world several times in a century, and Adnan, as I know him, is no less talented than them. After his death, his followers will have enough experience to keep the enthusiasm of the army of the Mahdi until the end of the world! An army comprising of rich, educated and devoted cult members who are experts in cutting and pasting, clipping and editing, in putting together the plagiarized pieces like a jig saw puzzle, and are generous in presenting them to masses under the name of their leader, yes this army is a powerful force. But, there is always the risk of getting into a holy fight for leadership after the Mahdi.

Adnan’s relation with me became the topic of articles and political analyses in Turkish media, books and magazines (for instance, see Ayet ve Slogan by Ruþen Çakýr, a prominent Turkish journalist), and his frequent turns and twists have been well documented in Turkish media, such as Hurriyet, Milliyet, Radikal, Sabah newspapers. Many of his followers left him with disappointment; but each time a group left him, he was somehow able to maintain his cult by attracting fresh blood from gullible youth ready to become the future rulers of the globe as Mahdi’s close assistants. His former followers were intimidated and blackmailed in sophisticated ways and occasionally in Mafia style. They work like a professional intelligence agency with covert operations and misinformation campaigns. Their habit of getting what they want via blackmail, slander and libel put them in trouble with high ranking Turkish politicians several years ago. As I said above, Adnan showed his miracle: his medical report regarding his mental illness not only saved him from mandatory military service but also from the criminal prosecutions.

Adnan is not formally educated, neither in science nor in religion, and he is not capable to understand the depth of subjects that are presented in books and videos carrying his nick name. Therefore, you never see him in public debating with experts. A single public discussion on a TV channel would be enough to turn him to the proverbial Naked King. And he may consider this article as my challenge for him: I am ready to meet him in a live debate on TV.

Adnan uses proxies and gets credit for everything. He uses his medical report and gets away for any criminal charge. There are a lot to learn from Adnan Oktar or the exploiter of the names of two messengers of God, Harun and Yahya! His followers, mostly educated and rich, yet gullible youngsters, work day and night to prepare books and videos mostly plagiarized from works of western scientists and artists. In the end, those collaborative and plagiarized works are all together credited to Harun Yahya. Thus, Harun Yahya is a brand name, an artificial name aimed to boost the personal agenda of Adnan Oktar. For instance, in 1990’s many of the books credited to him were written by his former follower Metin Kimildar who also used the nick name Cavit Yalçin. (Where are you Cavit Yalçin now?! Are you now renting your nick name as a portal for Harun Yahya’s websites or is it taken away from you?). His former student MA, who has long time declared his freedom from the Adnan Oktar wrote most of the books on Evolution. Unfortunately, MA’s books are published under the pen name Harun Yahya and credited to Adnan Oktar. Like many of Adnan’s former students who know well the dirty tricks of their former master, MA too is trying to forget the days when he was a young and naive university student.

Adnan Oktar strongly believes that he is the MAHDI (the Sunni and Shiite imitation of Messiah) and he has a powerful charisma, the pool of unlimited gullible rich people and a market of more than a billion individuals easily impressed by the work of his followers.

Knowing him before 1990s, I could not believe that he would be indulging in promiscuous sexual activities, since at that time he was a devout Sunni who was very scrupulous about interacting with women. He would not even shake hands with women. However, according to the media reports and published confessions of his former followers, Adnan has evolved and transformed since. His sexual abuse of girls around him has been the frequent topic of Turkish media and acknowledged by the defectors. He reportedly claims right to have sexual intercourse with every female member of his cult. He has even invented a name for those females: MOTOR (engine). Reportedly, his male followers are feeling lucky in letting him taste their girl friends first.

For recruiting new members and promoting his brand name, he uses sex, money, popular symbols, and famous people. But the main tool he uses is deception, yet I think he does the deception “righteously”, that is for a good end! He justifies his deceptive propaganda by the abused Quranic word TAQIYYA (this holy hypocrisy is a part of belief system of Shiite sect!) After learning Rashad’s claim of messengership and his argument regarding the definition of Rasul and Nabi, Adnan assumed to be a messenger and expressed this belief to his closest circle. I think later, to be able to access the one-billion-head Muslim market, he went back to his original claim of MAHDI. There he could exploit to the bone. (But, his picking Harun Yahya as his nickname indicates his deep belief in his messengership. Why? Well, here is a clue: because of his ignorance of the Quran, he thinks that Harun was not given any book, so according to him Harun was a messenger but not a prophet!)

It is a shame to see modern Muslims are duped by this cult leader like their ancestors duped by Ebu Hurayra and the ilk, and it is a shame that the books and videos falsely attributed to him are so popular in Muslim bookstores like the hadith books falsely attributed to Muhammad are so popular. These books and videos are mostly plagiarized collections of western work that mixes truth with falsehood. Science is mixed with pseudo-science, such as ignorant criticisms of the theory of evolution. The message of the Quran is mixed with fabricated hadith, such as the identity and adventures of the Mahdi.

Knowing the history and the success of many delusional people among the gullible, the popularity and success of this man is no surprise.

PS: Adnan Oktar has sued me in a Turkish court for defamation. Through his attorneys he asked me to delete this article from the world of Internet. I rejected his request, since I can prove every claim in this article through media and live witness testimony.


63 Responses to “Harun Yahya Tries to hide his Past”

  1. Naveed Says:

    you shit people just do these things against people who work for God. whatever the past forget and see his struggle, logic and work to proove that our ancestores were not the monkeys (may be your who written this article) but he God who created Jesus, Musa, Muhammad and all human beings in this world.

  2. kehlleh Says:


    if you are so sure about that, go and meet your sister/daughter with adnan (it likes girls between the ages of 10-19. younger the better).

    if they are cute enuf, that disgusting thing (hes not even a PERSON cos he lacks PERSON-ALITY) will shove his fat oily serpent to their asses soon.

    be warned.

  3. Nesrin Says:

    Navedd send your sister to Adnan Cult and see what will happen.. In the name of Allah he will really have nice interest with your sister.. Be sure..

    It is easy to try.. But there are some conditions..
    1-Your sister must be rich
    2- she sould be between 17 and 21.. and for sure she should be beautifull…

  4. Orca99 Says:

    LOL he is one smart devil that Yahya guy. Start a cult and you’ll get all the pretty girls you want???

    He reminds me of the mullahs in Iran. They smoke opium all day while being tended to by their harem of ladyboys. Only a few times a year do they get out in public to weep and cry for ali,hassan,hussein,whatever. Then they go back in to their ladyboys and smoke opium for the rest of the year.

  5. Tariq Says:


    It’s very unfortunate and regrettable that no one is safe in this world. Even if I agree with the allegation you put forward against Mr.Adnan I still believe that millions of Muslims are benefiting from his work and he has portrayed a very good picture of Islam and has exposed the ideology of materialism and proved the truth of Islam. Much of the people who read and watch his documentaries will never meet him and will never know him personally but what they are benefiting from is his work which is great. May Allah (saw) give him reward for his work.

    If you have to prove him wrong please bring forth you evidences which could prove his thoughts and ideas wrong, it would be better then personal attacks, after all its thoughts which will remain and not the personality.


  6. A Muslim Says:

    no one is benefiting from this maniac
    we will only benefit when he gotten rid off together with his crazy unislamic senseless ideas !!!

    PUT THIS CREEP AWAY( be it jail or mental institute)

  7. Gina Says:

    I agree with Tariq. I have learned a great deal from Yahya’s work. He motivated me through his books and his website to pray, learn about Islam and most importanly he helped me to establish a better relationship with GOD. May GOD bless him and his work. To me these are all false statements against him. Where is your proof? What have you done to encourage or educate others in the way of Allah? GOD doesn’t like people who makes false statements. We see his work and his efforts. We haven’t seen anything from you other than negative talkes about this person. Please make better use of your time and do something positive.

    • Jack Says:

      Salami 3aleikum akhi. Go on YouTube and search for Adnan oktar and der the kind og person he is 🙂

  8. Beri Says:

    it is too hard to believe these facts against him…….



    • Garry Scholey Says:

      Someone has dissed Jamshed’s boyfriend, and now he is on the war path. Be afraid rational and intelligent people! Jamshed’s propaganda machine is churning out some more bullshit!


    http://psychologicalwarfaremethods.com/ please visit

    • Chad Braversley Says:

      Why do you post these links multiple times? Surely one link would do, unless you’re desperate for someone to go to the site to read the mendacious rubbish you’ve written.


    http://psychologicalwarfaremethods.com/ clear all your doubts regarding Harun Yahya

  12. Anthony North Says:

    Beri said:

    “it is too hard to believe these facts against him…….”

    Adnan Oktar is now in prison for his crimes. Only his lackeys believe that some conspiracy of Zionist freemasons and “materialists” has put him there. Oktar has been demonstrated to be a liar on many occasions.
    He also demonstrates a singular lack of knowledge on evolution, which is a sure sign that he just doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  13. bryan Says:

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  17. Fatima Sawala Says:

    Gina Says:

    March 11, 2009 at 5:18 am | Reply
    I agree with Tariq. I have learned a great deal from Yahya’s work. He motivated me through his books and his website to pray, learn about Islam and most importanly he helped me to establish a better relationship with GOD. May GOD bless him and his work. To me these are all false statements against him. Where is your proof?

    Gina where is your proof that Adnan Oktar isn’t in prison and didn’t blackmail naive people that were drawn to his cult.

    What have you done to encourage or educate others in the way of Allah? GOD doesn’t like people who makes false statements.

    And ALLAH judged Adnan Oktar guilty for his crimes. And Oktar went to prison. In the future Oktar will be humbled again until he repents from his false status as a self appointed prophet.

    We see his work and his efforts.

    You see the work of many people that work for Oktar. He does not write the many books attributed to him. Many of them are compilations of work plagiarized from American Christian creationists.

    We haven’t seen anything from you other than negative talkes about this person. Please make better use of your time and do something positive.

    Why would anyone want to stop citicism of Adnan Oktar? Would it be that Oktar is a coward that is afraid of anyone that shows Oktar for the fake scientist and fake prophet that he truly is?
    This site is positive, and shows the side of Oktar and his followers that Oktar would not like to be revealed.
    Only one of his followers would think that this is negative.
    Gina don’t be a slave of Adnan Oktar’s lies and manipulations. Find a real imam that isn’t a blackmailing false prophet to listen to.

  18. Emanuel Thoma Says:

    • Ahmed Says:

      I do so enjoy video fiction. However the real world does not think that Adnan Oktar and his religious morons are worthy of discussing evolution, as they know nothing about science.
      Get an education. Read some real science, not Oktar’s ignorance and idiocy.

      • JAMSHED MOIDU Says:

        I hope you have read enough “real science”..then why dont you SCIENTIFICALLY REFUTE his works?

      • Abu AFak Says:

        It has already been done Jamshed. Why don’t you read all the posts by people that mention various books by name, where Oktar’s ignorance is shown to be diametrically opposed to the evidence for evolution.
        Why don’t you scientifically refute Dawkin’s’s The greatest Show on Earth, using your own words, instead of the cut and paste idiocy that you rely on to cover the fact that you’re stupid.

  19. Edip Yuksel? Says:

    Edip Yuksel?
    Are you serious?

    You people are listening to what Edip has to say???


    Hey Edip, nobody trusts you and nobody likes you.
    You are a pseudo-Muslim.

    You are a Quran Aloner??
    You deny the Sahih Ahadith of Rasul Sws.
    You are against Abu Hurayrah.
    You are against Traditional Islam.
    And you do not recite Salawat on the Nabi sws.

    Nobody likes you.
    Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) is better than you.
    Everyone is better than you.

    Harun Yahya never claimed to be the Mahdi once nor was he involved in any sex scandals… maybe that was umm… YOU!!
    All these things you accuse Harun of are things you’ve done.

    The fools who are supporting you here are fat inbred loners who support anything against guidance.

    • Robert Carter Says:

      Harun Yahya is lower than pond scum. He can’t even understand basic biology, and gives real scientists lots of laughs at his ignorant ideas.

      • Fakeman Says:

        Maybe that is why The Great Richard Dawkins refused to debate him !!!?
        Be Realistic for Gods sake…
        Its written in everybook of Harun Yahya, that these are not his opinions and explanations, its all research.. and the references prove it.

      • Leal Maspeth Says:

        Dawkins doesn’t have to debate someone that knows no english, science or decency.

  20. Edip Yuksel? Says:

    • Morlock Says:

      Bearded buffoons don’t make a heap o’ difference when it comes to the reality of scientific investigation. If you idolize these daft Islamoidiot beardy weirdies then you have a problem.

  21. hadif Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters……
    The author of this blog is a kaafir. He believes rashaad khaleefa is the rasul of allah and also the 2 ayaths of present quran is corrupted…..
    This idiot is just a person who promotes the deen of dajjaal …. He is posting in multiple IDs.. and allah knows the best

  22. hadif Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters……
    The author of this blog is a kaafir. He believes rashaad khaleefa is the rasul of allah and also the 2 ayaths of present quran is corrupted
    This idiot is just a person who promotes the deen of dajjaal …He is posting in multiple IDs.. and allah knows the besAl

    • Iddio E Scompiglio Says:


      Dear Pastafarians….

      The author of this post is a stupid religious zealot. He believes in a sad homophile deity that likes to lick the dirty anuses of camels, and whose prophet was an epileptic camel rapist.
      If he converts to pastafarianism and relaxes a little he may just be accepted into heaven by our lord The Flying Spaghetti monster RAMEN!

      • Anon Says:

        Iddio E Scompiglio, keep committing fallacies of appeal to ridicule, emotion and belief, in the end it will get you no-where and will expose yourself as an Islamaphobic loon.

    • Walter Bishop Says:

      Anon, keep committing fallacies of being irrelevant. Religion, especially the contorted crap of creationism, should be a subject of ridicule. In the end your cowardly whining has gotten you nowhere and shown that you are really the cultist loon that is ridiculephobic.

  23. Omar Bayrouteeh Says:

    Harun yahya is a zionist, he said he loves israel. And he has many false religious ideas. Stay away from him all muslims.

  24. Anon Says:

    Notice how Walter Bishop conveniently ignored the fact that he comitted the appeal to ridicule fallacy, and tried to claim I comitted a fallacy. Moreover, he provides no evidence of his assertion that religion and creationism should be subject ro ridicule, and comitted the fallacy of appeal ot ignorance by assertion that I am coward. Moreover, notice how he tried to parrott a similar ending of his comment to mine. Evidently, you proved zilch, and exposed your lack of intellect by barking up fallacies without proof. Let’s not take these filthy and emotional haters seriously folks.

    • Dark Monk Says:

      Creationism is worthy of ridicule, and so are the silly myths of religions. The sun plainly does not go down to a muddy pond and evolution has been demonstrated in the lab. So those who choose to knowingly ignore science and stick to the outmoded idiocies of religious myths are ignoramuses. They are cowards that are afraid of reality, and that choose to hide in a religious fantasy rather than look at the world as it really is. Moreover, Anon in particular, lacks even the brain to realise this state of affairs, then goes on to criticise someone for a lack of intellect, whilst exhibiting a massive lack him/herself! He labels someone an “islamophobic loon” and then demonstrates that he/she is an islamophilic loon by calling them an emotional hater, and trying to make out that they don’t wash.
      Plainly anon’s grasp of logic fails.

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  40. Omer Says:

    Mr. Adnan Oktar is the modern face of Islam. He is sincere, modern, intellectual, kind, have respect to all. We must follow Him. Only the hated persons and bigots are against to Him.

    • Amber Mason Says:

      Are you aware of his ‘Kittens’? His TV show that plays music and has blonde women covered in plastic surgery dancing infront of him completely uncovered. This is an embarrassment to Islam.. How can you support him?

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