Harun Yahya: An Invitation to Dogmatism

 “Harun Yahya” (the pen name of Adnan Oktar) is the name of a popular proponent of Islamic apologetics, born in 1956, whose books and articles are said to receive wide publication in Turkey and other Islamic countries.

He also claims himself to be an intellectual hero against neo-Darwinism. His 180 books include such enlightening tomes as “Allah is Known Through Reason”, “The Design in Nature”, “The Other Name for Illusion: Matter”, “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution”, “Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity”, and “The Qur’an Leads the Way to Science”. Some others look more like Chick tracts, with names like “Crude Understanding Of Disbelief”, “Solution: The Values of the Qur’an”, “Jesus Will Return” and “Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan” (!).Because of his popularity and body of work, we should be interested in examining more carefully his web site, called Harun Yahya: an Invitation to Truth.  The full texts of some of his books are also available.I myself have a web site about philosophy, and try to be as lenient as possible: unfortunately, the front page of the site (as I see it in June 2002, anyway) does not inspire confidence.

 While it is professionally-made, it includes an ironic placement: the header “The True Islamic Morals”, telling us how Islam leads to love and justice, side-by-side with “Perished Nations”, telling us that Allah destroyed ancient nations because they rebelled against him. It also includes such titles as “The Fact of Creation” and “Fascism: the Bloody Ideology of Darwinism”. Such contradiction and absurdity may be superficial assessment on my part, but does not reflect well on what Yahya sees as important issues: it implies that the contents of his web site are inane and anti-scientific.


32 Responses to “Harun Yahya: An Invitation to Dogmatism”

  1. Fatma Girdik Says:

    Perfect SCAM ARTIST!! This creature is brilliant, he gets a Dr. report for being crazy, so he does not serve in Turkish Army. He is nothing but a one big PUSSY!

  2. Amir Says:

    I find it fascinating that Harun’s character is always attacked, but the evolution theory is totally destroyed by his works…

    • Abu AFak Says:

      If you read only the stuff attributed to haroun yhya you will gain a flse impression. Reality hits hard when you actually go beyond his creationist crap and read some real science on the subject of evolution.

  3. Nesrin Says:

    Oh did you know he hasnt got any scientific backround.. He only translets American Methodist Church researches.. And he belives that he is Mahdi.. Co-operate with Church…

  4. amir Says:

    Harun Yahya could be the antichrist,
    but his works utterly destroy the evolution scam!

    • Shadowjack Says:

      Amir, is Hahoo Yahoo’s crap the only stuff you have read? get an education, read something by a real biologist on evolution.

    • Walter Bishop Says:

      Religious war is pointless, I’d rather be an ape in clothing than a creationist moron.

  5. Nesrin Says:

    Ha haa Harun Yahya works are from Christians. He adapts Christian books to Islam. Thats all.. Read his web site. He talks about always Jesus Christ.

  6. Joe Morreale Says:

    From Harun Yahya website:


    Richard Dawkins, a most ardent supporter of Darwinism, has long accounted for the perfect creation of the universe in terms of the theory of evolution, which has lately suffered a global collapse. In his recent writings and interviews, however, Dawkins has started to express that “life cannot form by chance.” It is an absence of sense and reason to support evolution on one hand and to state that life cannot come about by chance on the other. That is due to the fact that according to the theory of evolution, which Dawkins supports, the existence of life is based on entirely random coincidences.

    Dawkins has realized that he can get nowhere with the scenario of chance. But, he is now in the logical impasse as he basically claims that “evolution cannot be a result of coincidences, but has occurred by means of coincidences.” What he should realize is that demagogy no longer works.

    If Dawkins sincerely believes in this theory, we’d like to invite him to Turkey, or else we could come to UK to have a discussion. Dawkins should clarify hundreds of questions, only a few of which are listed below, before the cameras. So we, as well as the public, will be able to hear what he has to say. Obviously, it’s no good to engage in unilateral programs. Moreover, with such an attitude Dawkins only deceives himself. Let us send the first 4 volumes of Atlas of Creation to Mr. Dawkins, and let him examine the photographs of the fossils therein which have not changed at all over the hundreds of millions of years. And let him account for them in evolutionary terms according to his much-publicized logic�quot;if he can!

    Archeological researches unearthed over a hundred million fossils, proving that life forms were created out of nothing. Still, there is not a single transitional fossil supporting the theory of evolution. If Dawkins is sincere in his claim, he should bring a transitional fossil and announce it to the public as “a transitional form!”
    The odds against a functional protein emerging randomly is 10950 to 1�quot;a practical impossibility. (In mathematics, probabilities smaller than 1 over 1050 are accepted as “zero probability.”) If Dawkins is honest, he should point at a mass of proteins that formed by chance or by means of the methods he espouses. Let Dawkins explain us how he can account for the origin of life in evolutionary terms, when even a single protein�quot;the building block of life�quot;cannot form by chance!
    Let Dawkins explain us how all colorful, lively, three-dimensional and perfectly clear images, shortly life itself, can form in the pitch dark human brain and who sees this image in the brain!
    Let Dawkins explain us in evolutionary terms how conversations, music and all other sounds form in the sound-isolated brain; who listens to and enjoys these sounds, who knows their meaning, who reflects on them consciously and who answers back these sounds!
    Let Dawkins ask the same questions to us, and let us give our answers. Let us supply our evidence, and let him bring his�quot;if he has any. Then let the public decide who is right. We want the public to know on a larger scale how Darwinism is a false theory and how it is the greatest deception of the world’s history. We are confident that the days are soon to come when people will laugh, asking themselves “How could we ever believe this theory?” In near future, people will be wondering with amazement how they could ever have been taken in by it. In fact, this is already occurring, at an ever-increasing momentum. World-wide polls reveal statistical data proving this state of affairs.

    Darwinism, tried to be kept alive by engaging in demagogy and propaganda, has been refuted in all spheres and it is now widely recognized that it’s no longer possible to defend Darwinism by demagogy. Dawkins’ recent statement along the logic that “evolution cannot be a result of coincidences, but has occurred by means of coincidences” is nothing but a laughable misery of reason.



    • Simon Phipp Says:


      Dawkins doesn’t debate with retarded individuals that know nothing about even the basics of science. Heres why:

      If you really want to see what Dawkins thinks about Oktar’s fantasies read The Greatest Show on Earth.

  7. David Osz Says:

    Harun Yahya is a truly pitiful fraud. The sheer cheek of the level of his pre-meditated deceit never ceases to amaze me. I guess though, his devout ‘legion of the mindless’ are not terribly difficult to fool. I guess its a sad reflection on the level of intelligence he believes his followers to possess. Though I daresay he certainly is right in that regard. It goes without saying, he is not particularly bright either……..

    …Refer to:


  8. floor jack Says:

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    • Sam Memet Says:

      Still so angry and “bovvered” that you have to post the link to more of Oktar’s cult propaganda three times. Well done on showing us a reasoned logical argument. Not that you are capable of such a thing.



  12. D O Says:

    The only ‘random coincidence’ I can see here is that so many idiots can be sucked in by one not so terribly bright fraudster. I shudder to think what a competent fraudster can do. But, on second thoughts, who needs competence when it comes to expounding religious rhetoric: anything goes!
    I hope Harun Yahya enjoys the small joys and simple pleasures of prison life: The doors being opened and closed for him, the food service, and the other more subtle delights late at night that his bunk mate can offer aside from flirtatious conversation. Either way, at least he will have first hand knowledge of what the women because of whom he got arrested, felt. I am sure Allah intended it to be that way: After all, all his servants deserve what is ‘coming’ to them.

  13. Anthony North Says:

    Amir writes:
    “I find it fascinating that Harun’s character is always attacked, but the evolution theory is totally destroyed by his works…”

    Your view is one of ignorance. Many sources all over the net have systematically demolished Adnan Oktar’s fantasy of destroying evolution. Oktar will never be able to do this as he has no scientific credentials whatsoever, and offers no reliable evidence to cast even slight doubt as to the veracity of evolution.

  14. Fatima Sawala Says:

    amir Says:

    November 5, 2007 at 9:44 pm | Reply
    Harun Yahya could be the antichrist,
    but his works utterly destroy the evolution scam!

    Amir, if Harun Yahya is the antichrist wouldn’t he be a liar? And wouldn’t his so called works also be a deception?
    What would you do to see if Yahya really does write the truth? Would you just accept his words or would you independently seek out other sources of information on evolution?
    If you aren’t doing that then you may as well give Harun Yahya your total obedience and become his puppet. And then you’ll see what he really is like.

  15. Aina Aravaindakshan Says:

    JAMSHED MOIDU is irritated by this site and the unveiling of the deceptions that Adnan Oktar uses to lure the gullible to his exploitationist cult.
    Are you crying in annoyance now JAMSHED/JOE MORREALE/ FREDERIK K?

    Are you livid that your sad little fantasy has had zero effect on the scientitific world?

    Are you wailing after your cult leader ended up in prison like the common criminal that he is?

    Are you so angry that you have to repeatedly spam this site with your idiotic propaganda?

    JAMSHED/JOE/FREDERIK don’t you feel like a right muppet now?

    RICHARD DAWKINS has won and you have failed.


    No DEAR!!!

    • Jamhead Moisture Says:

      You should feel like a muppet, since you have Adnan Oktar’s hand up your ass!
      Learnt any real biology yet Jamshed? Or are you still getting your ass handed to you on a platter by the erudite members of the Richard Dawkins forum?
      Are you too upset to cut and paste any more ignorant rantings from your boyfriend Adnan Oktar? Or have you fallen out with him since he got a new boyfriend while in prison?

      • Religious war is shit Says:

        what’s with the cruel comment? Why can’t you say it peacefully? That remarks that you guys are personal attackers… well hell, you guys may go from different names too… I am “Religious war is pointless”… now, I’m “Religious war is shit”.

    • Walter Bishop Says:

      Religious war is shit, whats with the false concern? Why can’t you write anything to disprove evolution? Any attacks on Adnan Oktar are merely relating the facts of his being a blackmailer and a rapist, which he was found guilty of in a court of law. If you have any evidence otherwise why didn’t you present it to the court and get your cult leader out of prison?
      And as to different names we know you are Joe Morreale/ Jamshed Moidu the cultist that got his backside handed back to him on Richard Dawkins forum.

  17. news Says:

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