Who is Adnan Oktar (Part II)


 Harun Yahya, a.k.a. Adnan Oktar, a.k.a. Adnan Hoca. If you follow him in Turkish media you can easly learn that his name is mentioned all kind of infamy. Some of his infamy.

To Use Drug (Cocain)

He attempted to blackmail an actress who refused to have sex with him.       

To have sex with his disciples and to take their photos while they were having sex. And blackmail if they wanted to leave cult. (Anal and Oral sex is free in clut. It s because of Harun Yahya says that Quran doesnt mention about it doesnt prohibit  it.)

He is also accused to establish and lead a criminal organization.

He’s one mental sick who led a cult that practiced sex with minors as oral and anal

He attempted to blackmail an actress who refused to have sex with him.

After all of this infamy he disappeared for many years and suddenly he came to stage with a new name as Harun Yahya.

it is really hard to decide whether Adnan Oktar established an Islamic Creationist Cult or an Islamic Recreational Sex Cult!He is also accused to establish and lead a criminal organization.      

It s because of 51-year-old Mr Oktar’s strong appeal to young women, it is really hard to decide whether Adnan Oktar established an Islamic Creationist Cult or an Islamic Recreational Sex Cult!     

 Harun Yahaya is charlatan and a dangerous man. Here’s some background of this great impostor:       

He is a hunter of young people belonged to socially active and prominent families of Istanbul which had a high economic status.    

He is considered the leading Muslim advocate of creationism; unlike the majority of Christian creationists he subscribes to Old Earth creationism. He is an anti-zionist and anti-mason which he sees as very interrelated movements, but he rejects allegations of anti-Semitism.

      Shortly after the publication of Judaism and Freemasonry, Adnan Oktar was arrested and imprisoned. He was transferred to Bakırköy Mental Hospital and placed under observation. His mentality disease has been approved from five more official mental clinics.

       In 1990, he founded the BAV (Bilim Araşırma Vakfı (Foundation for Scientific Research). They only translate American Evagelist Church Researches against evolution.      

A number of academics were harassed, threatened and slandered in fliers that labeled them “communists, separatists and Maoists” for teaching evolution In 1999, six of the professors won a civil court case against BAV for defamation and were awarded $6,000 each. Today he uses still same strategy to frighten.


69 Responses to “Who is Adnan Oktar (Part II)”

  1. Selen Says:

    No one is going to believe the nonsense here. It is obvious that Adnan Oktar has been the target of many plots against him. And the reason is so obvious that there is no need to mention. If someone reveals the facts about freemasonry and then goes on to fight with materialism, then he has to face the attacks against him. He is a man of belief and his struggle against freemasonry, atheism and materialism is so strong that, the ones who cannot counter attack with their ideas, try to take him down from the scene by using slanders. You can try to slander him as much as you can. Now the whole world knows him with his ideas. You do whatever you can do, you will not achieve your aim. God is with him.

  2. sobowale olabode Says:

    salam alaikum,
    I am an ardent reader of your write ups and other publications and want to salute your sense of islamic patriotism,may Allah continue to bless and increase youn in knowledge.
    Could you please clarify why you don`t quote the sayings of the prophet(saw)(Hadiths)?Is it true you intend to lay claim to prophethood?Ramadan kareem.Your detractors may blackmail you but your lord will surelly ‘whitemail you’.God is your strength

  3. CandyShopGirl Says:


    What do you think about love? >:)

  4. semsi02 Says:

    It is obvious that you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya in person. I did meet him and unfortunately I did spend seven years of my early adulthood with him in his cult/group. And I would not wish the same experience I had to my worst enemy. He stole my and many other young people’s dreams, faith and innocence.

    I personally do not care if he sends angelic messages to the world, he can do that to the last breath he takes. I personally know him, I know how damaging his cult is to the people around them.
    Is it OK for you if a person disguises himself behind the facade of religion and take advantage of young minds and bodies?
    Is it OK for a man to turn his disciples against his family?
    Is it OK for a group of ideology followers to dress the same, talk the same, know only a close circle of other followers, to not have a family of their own or a significant other?
    Is it OK for you that the followers strictly controlled by this group, and not have a life other than working for the cult/group, not have a savings account, not have a permission to go to the movies?
    is it normal for you to see a group of people with no ties to their families, and living only with their friends……

    Long story short,
    This is a cult. The world is full of cults, my problem with this one is that they do immoral things while using religions as a guard themselves. Everything you hear about the scandalous sex life of the group is true, and you know what, I really don’t care about the seedy side of their life all that much. They’re simply adults and they can do whatever pleases them as long as they represent themselves as they are! My problem with all of it is that they use religion to get to young people and they are not telling the truth and when the truth is out they just don’t know how to cover it up. The only way to cover everything up is to attack our freedom of speech.

    I am free and I am free to tell what happened to me. I am free to warn young people about them.

  5. lenteng Says:


    are you sure? or is it just another slander by you?

  6. Nesrin Says:

    If he would be scientiest he would answer all questions about critic of his book. He never answers.. Its because of he only translate from Methodist Church Researchs to his books.. That all..

    Check this page and see what he did SCIENTISTS who criticized his book..


    He didnt answer criticism.. He never talks face to face with scientist.. Have you ever seen Harun Yahya in a discussion as live?
    NO YOUCAN NEVER SEE.. He only translates thats ALL

  7. semsi02 Says:

    Listen Lenteng,
    I don’t slander at all. All I am doing is to inform people about the truth. I feel accountable for the inside knowledge I have about this group. I am telling my experience to inform people, it’s up to you to make up your mind.

    Since you’re not Turkish (i’ assuming), you don’t have access to all of the information about this group. All you know is their story that’s told by themselves.

    You can believe their books, read them or whatever….but do not think that this guy is the mehdi as he implies. People around him, not a lot of them but a few, have been with him since 1985, they’ve been waiting for the “Golden Age” to come, thinking that Adnan will rule the world. When I was with them the projected date was 1999, well… then I heard that it was postponed to 2005 and now there is a new date! In 15 to 20 years, mehdi will defeat the anti-christ and the golden age will begin. Hmmmmmm…
    So my old fellows will be between 55 and 60 years old. I am sure they will patiently wait for the golden age. I do not have any respect for any of them anymore. They are only after that kind of reward.
    So what will they lose?
    They have already lost their youth, dreams, faith, family, friends, life, a prospective family of their own, a love life, a sincere and honest life. They will lose their parents, they are living a big lie. They’re made to believe that this world is not real and nothing we see is real. It is true but only for them. What they are in is a big lie, a big fairytale. They are just the extras for the big play by Adnan. They have already lost their own identities, they are just pawns and they are at disposal of Adnan. But sometimes I think they just deserve what they get, after seeing all this transformation of this big lie if they are still after the rewards they are going to reap, they deserve what they are exposed to.

  8. pazeterna Says:

    If you are experiencing diffficulties accessing this please email me directly and I will send this to you.

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    > > with immense implications for the rest of the world.
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    > > competing strains of Islamic thought, Western
    > > leaders can identify appropriate Islamic partners
    > > and work with them to discourage extremism and
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    > > Islam has been in circulation for decades but gained
    > > great urgency after Sept. 11, 2001. There is broad
    > > agreement that this is a constructive approach.
    > > Islam inspires a variety of ideologies and political
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    > > stability. It therefore seems sensible to foster the
    > > strains within Islam that call for a more moderate,
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    > > is no easy matter to transform a major world
    > > religion. If “nation-building” is a daunting task,
    > > “religionbuilding” is immeasurably more perilous and
    > > complex. Islam is neither a homogeneous entity nor a
    > > selfcontained system. Many extraneous issues and
    > > problems have become entangled with the religion.
    > > Many political actors in the Muslim world
    > > deliberately seek to “Islamize” the debate in a way
    > > that they think will further their goals.The current
    > > crisis in Islam has two main components: a failure
    > > to thrive on its own terms and a loss of connection
    > > to the global mainstream. The Islamic world has been
    > > marked by a long period of backwardness and
    > > comparative powerlessness. Many homegrown
    > > solutions—such as nationalism, pan-Arabism, Arab
    > > socialism, and Islamic revolution—have been
    > > attempted without success, leading to frustration
    > > and anger. Meanwhile, the Islamic world has both
    > > fallen out of step with contemporary global culture
    > > and moved increasingly to the margins of the global
    > > economy, creating an uncomfortable situation for
    > > both sides.Muslims disagree on what to do about the
    > > crisis, what has caused it, and what their societies
    > > ultimately should look like. For the West, the
    > > question is which ideology (or ideologies) to
    > > support; with what methods; and with what concrete,
    > > realistic goals in mind.An Ideological SpectrumThere
    > > are essentially four ideological positions in the
    > > Muslim world today: fundamentalist, traditionalist,
    > > modernist, and secularist. Each group contains
    > > subgroups that blur the distinctions among the
    > > primary groups. It is important for Western leaders
    > > to understand the differences within groups as well
    > > as among groups.Fundamentalists reject democratic
    > > values and contemporary Western culture. They want
    > > an authoritarian, puritanical state to implement
    > > their extreme view of Islamic law and morality. They
    > > are willing to use innovation and modern technology.
    > > They do not shy away from violence.There are two
    > > strands of fundamentalism. One, grounded in theology
    > > and usually rooted in a religious establishment,
    > > belongs to the scriptural fundamentalists. This
    > > group includes most of the Iranian revolutionaries,
    > > the Saudi-based Wahhabis, and the Kaplan
    > > congregation of Turks. The radical fundamentalists,
    > > in contrast, are much less concerned with the
    > > literal substance of Islam, with which they take
    > > considerable liberties either deliberately or
    > > because of ignorance of orthodox Islamic doctrine.
    > > Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, and a
    > > large number of other Islamic radical movements and
    > > diffuse

  9. whoisharunyahya Says:

    I actually just read a little bit of the “Atlas of Creation.” Wow. There are over 20 chapters trying to disprove the theory of Evolution, stating there is no “scientific” evidence to back it up. Then there are 2 chapters trying to prove we were created, without any scientific evidence, basically stating “you just gotta have faith.”

    This was my favorite excerpt that I caught, “Living things did not come into being through the imaginary processes of evolution. All the living things that have ever existed on Earth were created by God. This fact of creation is once again revealed in the traces left behind them by flawless living things.”

    Logic just doesn’t seem to exist in creationism.

    Posted by: marcusJones

  10. nevsal unlu Says:

    bilgisayarindaki tum bilgiler elimde
    bittin sen assagilik herif

    • Katherine Says:

      ape lah..bahasa menujukan bangsa…wtf punye org..nk kutok 2 agak2 r..nie dgn sultan2 dan ahli2 keluarga dye sekali masok..ape citer..ade otak fikir r..pasal biskut pon nk gadoh..wakakkaka..ko tgk r johor 2 dulu cm ne…dha membagun r weh..ko g tgk batu pahat..ko g tengok permas jaya..ko g tengok muar..ko g tengok ayer itam..ko g tgk kubo ko..maju ke x ma.na.wjkakakaka..lautak ko lah..

  11. Motorcu Ustası Says:

    Adnan Hocanın Motoru musun sende Nevsal? Gel sen bana bak Adnan gibi iğrenç yağlı takıntılı bir adam haricinde farklı zevkleri tat…

    Adnan sana ne verdi? Kokain mi? Bence kesinlikle seni düzmeden önce uyuşturmuştur bu herif.. Yoksa ondan zevk alman mümkün değil….

  12. kehlleh Says:

    adnana yapmayın etmeyin hastadır o!! (ben değil bunu annesi söylüyor!)

    adnan is a sick person, literally. his mental sickness (schizophrenia) has been affirmed by several mental institutions.

    where ADNAN belongs is the most CRIMINAL-PSYCHOTIC patients’ cell in asylum. nowhere else.

  13. syed bayezid Says:

    maybe you are a masonic sympathiser or a fan of the secular turkish govt.

    harun yahya is doing a great service by opening people’s eyes. darwin himself warned against his theories being taken too seriously. mr. yahya is simply refuting somehting that was never meant to be establikshed as science.
    it is fact that evolution of man from apes has collapsed. scientists mistakenly gathered bones of different sewpcies of primates throughout the prehistoric eras and thought they were actually the same thing.

    lets not forget certain things………. fossil andbones of man has been found in africa as old as the first monkey bones. ever heard of the place called zinj? its modern day ethiopia and somalia …. and the earliest form of man fossil was found there. it was about the same timeo r earlier during the supposed first stage of human evolution. its found that man wore clothes and walked upright and were tall. so there goes ur beloved theory.

    the peking man was a hoax which people such as urself relish in using as an argument agaiunst religion. the guy himself said he made the peking man up. so there is no missing link.

    besides, people that study the dna say that it would take several accidents (timed deliberate accidents) throughout a loong period of time for monkey to be man. even then its doubtful if it would be truly that.

    so yeah i would listen to adnan okhtar or harun yahya before i start cheerleading for that pig headed turkish govt of kous kous eaters.


    • Morlock Says:

      Keep repeating Yahya’s warped views and don’t bother reading any books on the subject of evolution written by real scientists. Stick your head up your arse and kiss rationality goodbye.

      • America's Voice Says:

        Do you know that your comments are actually re-enforcing what you’re trying to disprove. I actually laughed when you said ” its found that man wore clothes” are you f**king kidding me? You’re probably referencing the time period between 100,000-200,000 years ago when modern homo sapiens can be found on the scene. Are you to brainwashed to think for yourself? Cotton breaks down in hundreds, not hundred of thousand of years. You bones stay intact because they are mostly calcium; it has no strong isotopes that radioactively decay. Another knee slapper: people that study the dna say that it would take several accidents” you just proved the point you are trying to disprove! Mutations happen to every living creature. I have mutations, so do you. And there is a reason monkey bones are found at the same time as hominids: we have a common ancestor.

  14. Atsiz Says:

    Adnan Oktar dusmanligina soyunmuslarin hepsi KAFIRDIR.

  15. Atsiz Says:

    Mr Harun Yahya is great writer.

  16. Jack L. Says:

    I guess Semsi02 is right. Look what I found:

    “He stole our children’s soul”

    The mothers of the followers’ of Adnan Hodja have rebelled with a petition: “this man stole our children’s soul through hypnosis.”

    “He brainwashed our children. Their eyes are expressionless, like robots. As Adnan Hodja stole their souls via hypnosis, what they say comes from his mouth. He made our children into slaves using religion.”

    The mothers of Hüma Babuna, Eda Babuna, Ceyda Ertüzün, Sinem Tezyapar and Ebru Akyüzalp have claimed that their children are acting under the influence of Adnan Hodja and they have submitted a crime report about Adnan Oktar and his children. The mothers of the followers’ of Adnan Hodja are rebelling with a petition that states: “this man stole our children’s soul via hypnosis.” They are demanding Oktar be tried for soliciting slander. Lütfiye Semin Babuna stated that she does not know where her daughter is living and what she is doing, and stated in the petition form: “He brainwashed our children. Their eyes are expressionless like robots. As Adnan Hodja stole their souls via hypnosis, what they say comes from his mouth. He has turned our children into slaves using religion.”

    Source: Sabah online, April 2007

    • Ice Says:

      An answer from an expert! Thanks for cotgnibunirt.

    • http://goanalyze.info/tiposde.org Says:

      I get how very difficult it is sometimes to let go and surrender the outcome Derek. I applaud you for your awareness and your graciousness in giving it over. It takes a lot of conscious awareness and practice. Good job!

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  17. nevsal Says:

    sayin site yoneticisi;yukarida benim adimla yazilmis olan yorumu bir arkadasimin farketmesi uzerine okudum.Harun yahya soytarisina hicbir sempati duymamakla birlikte boylesine cocukca bir tehdit savuracak kadar da cahil bir insan degilim.Bir donem aktif uyesi oldugum forumdan adimi bilen bir muslonun adimi kullandigini tahmin ediyorum.O mesaji ya da adimi silerseniz cok memnun olurum.Tesekkurer

  18. Horace Blenkinsop Says:

    Harun Yahya is a complete fraud. I’ve been looking at his book, “Skulls That Demolish Darwin,” and it is obvious that the so called fossils he uses as examples are not genuine. Every example is the same chalky white colour with the appearance of a modern, unfossilised specimen that has been stuffed with clay. He purports to show that skulls of modern animals have not changed for millions of years but the dates he claims for his fraudulent skulls are ridiculous, like for example, a Giraffe skull that he says is from the Cretaceous age, 65 million years ago. A simple Google search will show anyone that Giraffes originated from animals that lived about 30 – 50 million years ago, and the modern, long necked Giraffe, about one million.

    In my humble opinion, anyone with a modicum of intelligence or self respect shoud regard this criminal cretinous charlatan with the contempt that he deserves




    please visit http://www.psychologicalwarfaremethods.com

    • Simon Phelps Says:

      Jamshed, as someone else said, you really are “bovvered” aren’t you. Another link to more lies isn’t going to change the fact that your cult leader is in prison on charges of running a criminal organisation and blackmail. You can yell “Freemasonic conspiracy” all you like but it still doesn’t change the basic fact. Your cult leader is a brainless charlatan and a laughing stock to anyone with a modicum of rationality and intelligence.

      • Garry Scholey Says:

        Simon, have you seen the homo erotic website that Jamshed keeps for his boyfriend? Jamshed adores Adnan Oktar so much that he has loads of photographs of his lover on his site.
        A pity that Jamshed can’t share a prison cell with his idol. Then Jamshed would be truly happy!


    visit http://www.psychologicalwarfaremethods.com


    heeeeeeeeee http://www.psychologicalwarfaremethods.com


    please visit http://psychologicalwarfaremethods.com/

    • Shadowjack Says:

      Jamjar, how is your boyfriend holding up against the Turkish prison system? are you supplying him with enough anusol to keep his bumhole from getting enflamed from the constant buggering he will be suffering?
      How are you holding up knowing that other men are enjoying the anal delights of your beloved Adnan?

  24. Anthony north Says:

    Why does Adnan Oktar not publish his books under his own name? Richard Dawkins doesn’t use a pseudonym. I can only assume that Oktar is scared of using his real name, as the scandal of his actions will show that his ideas come from a morally suspect person.

  25. Anthony north Says:

    JAMSHED MOIDU writes:


    It really doesn’t matter how much you try to excuse your master’s criminal deeds. Oktar is in prison now.
    By the way Jamshed why hide behind a pseudonym? Your real name is Jamshed Kunnoth. Are you scared of something? Remember Richard Dawkins does not use a pseudonym for his writing, so that makes him braver than you or your criminal cult leader.

  26. Peacemaker Says:

    Zionists terrorists are so desperate to condone the brutla and ruthless Zionist crime against humanity that they invent nonsensical fairy tales to slander, frame and demonize innocent people such as Harun Yahya who is brave enough to expose Zionist deceit and Zionist crime against humanity !

    Shame on Zionist terrorists for they are too cowardly to face truth so they resort to lies, slanders and insult to silence innocent and honest people !

    • Morlock Says:

      No one has to invent anything, Adnan Oktar can get into deep shit all by himself. Shame on Oktar that he thinks people will accept his ass raping, blackmailing and utter lack of scientific knowledge.

  27. Peacemaker Says:

    Zionist terrorists are the most shameless born liars who deliberately invent nonsensical fairy tales to frame and implicate Harun Yahya in the crime he has nothing to with. In May 2010, the Court of Appeals overturned the conviction and dismissed the charges so we know that Harun Yahya is innocent !

    • Morlock Says:

      Yeah Jamshed, keep telling yourself that. It just might hide the fact that you’ve wasted your time and effort on loving a blackmailing not very bright con man.

    • Sam Memet Says:

      The court of Appeals overturned the conviction did they? So why is Oktar still in prison? Because he was found guilty of several nasty crimes.
      Your antisemitic ranting won’t set Oktar free, Pisstaker.

  28. Rasheedah Says:

    It’s amazing the length people resort to, to stop progress. This is obviously, a smear campaign against Adnan Oktar. The more I read, the more sure I am of it. His expose’ on the Zionist and the Masons have a huge affect on the world and they will stop at nothing, NOTHING to put an end to his expose’ of them. This man’s work as had a huge impact in my life and countless others. I am a different woman today, due to ALLAH through this man. HE’s educating the world and the enemies want it to stop. All the accusation are just that, accusations and for Muslims to join in with this smear campaign is sickening. Before we believe anything slanderous about another Muslim, we MUST have proof. Where’s the proof? Until anything is proven, we should uplift this devoted servant ALLAH, otherwise we are guilty of slandering a pious Muslim and WILL pay for it in sha ALLAH!

    • Iddio E Scompiglio Says:

      It is amazing the length Adnan Oktar can take in his rectum. Just because this man proclaims to be a muslim does not mean we should believe any of his bullshit. Any murderer of thief can say “I’m a Muslim” to your face, and then stab you in the back. This logic, Rasheedah’s logic, is the logic of idiocy.
      Better that we renounce the fake religion of Islam and turn to the One True God, who is The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Scream out for his touch! The touch of His Noodly Appendage!

    • Heidi Says:

      Awesome you should think of somnthieg like that

    • http://goanalyze.info/blog4ever.com Says:

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  29. anon Says:

    why do all the guests on Adnan’s show have so much makeup on?

  30. Edward Says:

    Adnan Oktar is a meglomaniac masonophobic bully who will use any means at his disposal to defame and slander his percieved enemies. I prefer reading Professor Dawkins as he uses a reasoned logical argment to communicate his ideas to the readers of his books. and does not uses a Nome de Plume to hide behind.

    The truth is Oktar is a dangerous misguided man who uses a series of highly paid layers to do his bidding.

    • Hosna Says:

      can you prove what u said? r u afraid that atheism will disappeared from this world? whatever u said, people now know what the truth is, people believe him more than u.

      • Dark Monk Says:

        More to the point Hosna, can you disprove that Adnan Oktar is a blackmailing rapist? And if you can, then why didn’t you go to the authorities when he was in prison, and show them the evidence to set him free?
        Are you afraid that your creationism is merely mythology, while science shows that it is dealing with reality?

  31. Baiti Jannati Says:

    What happen to all of u? Astaghfirullah hala’zim!!!

  32. Baiti Jannati Says:

    p/s: Salam. study deeply about Islam first, brothers n sisters.. about Al Quran and Al Sunnah.. then..u know the great PEACE and the reason u r been live in this world! Everything happen for a reason. Peace no war! Allah Huakbar!!!

  33. huseyin Says:

    senın sulalenı ben var sıkmek ben var seının kafa kesmek ben var senı bam .ben var adan babanın elını opmek senınkını kesmek bu sıteyı derhal kadrmassan akıbetın husran olur senı ecnebı yezıt sen gel bana sıkıysa bunları yaz o buyuk bır ınsan sense sabaka nahuy bılet turkıyeyı terk et ben var100 bın arkadas sen var olmek okey

    • deli mehmet Says:

      Sen var cehennemin dibine gitmek. Ben tarzan, sen ceyn. Sen var gorilla tarafindan ….. . Anladinmi kus beyinli turkcesi bozuk insan nusvettesi… insanlara boyle davranmayi kuranin hangi suresinden ogrendin, hayvan oglu hayvan. Darwin’in teorisini curuten tek delil sizin gibi hala insanlasamamis hayvanlar zaten…

    • Carlye Says:

      I love reading these articles because they’re short but inofmrative.

    • immobilienkredit rechner Says:

      I too love Bonnie’s blog. Am working on my 2nd of her mystery quilts and have never had so much fun. Would love to have an autographed copy of her book.

  34. tabsir.net » Harun’s houris Says:

    […] checkered history of Adnan Oktar is hardly a secret, especially in Turkey. But his cyber-reach is massive, with multiple websites […]

  35. Arab News Blog » Harun’s houris Says:

    […] checkered history of Adnan Oktar is hardly a secret, especially in Turkey. But his cyber-reach is massive, with multiple websites […]

  36. jason constantine Says:

    waste adnan oktar

  37. jason constantine Says:

    bloody adnan oktar what he knows abt the muslim

    • Laticia Says:

      Neuf mais :« Ã€ propos de « caractère expéditif », lire [i]La Colonie pénitentiaire[/i]* de Kafka », avec à la place des crochets « [” et “] » les chevrons &l&Npo;anbsp;&nbsu;».(qeuf mais, on ne vous voit pas assez sur les ondes de LSP…)

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  39. Sani Shuaibu ganguli Says:

    May Allah help us throughout our lifetime

  40. Sani Shuaibu ganguli Says:

    Good interesting story

  41. Sohail Says:

    These stupid people know nothing about islam

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